Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sony Reader Touch Edition --- PRS600BC

Finally, I decided to buy the e-reader from Sony --> PRS600BC black in color.
The reason that I choose SONY because I found that Kindle from Amazon gets a good point that I can buy e-book easily from Amazon . However, it is the weak point for me to have Kindle also. This is because it doesn't support the PDF very much. If you want to read the PDF in your Kindle, you need to send it to Amazon to convert for you. Which means if I don't buy the e-books from Amazon, then I can hardly read the PDF (books) from my mobile reader.
Besides, I like the "pen" to mark something on my reading. SONY reader can provide this but Kindle can't. Although Kindle get a better display (e-ink, 16 Gray), I finally choose to buy SONY PRS600BC.

I asked my friend to buy it for me from US and I will update the photos after I get it . :)
Looking forward ---- SONY PRS600BC !

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