Thursday, January 28, 2010

Make Your Trackpad Becomes Your Graphic Tablet

Tenone Design announce a application called inklet which costed $24.95 which makes your trackpad into a graphic tablet ! It allows your trackpad to emulate a pan tablet. If you are using Pogo Sketch, the trackpad can even become pressure sensitive and it works with the handwriting recognition in OSX !

However, it seems only support in Photoshop .

Here is the demo video.

Mac's App --- Bumptop 3D Desktop Organizer

Today, I read a article from 9to5mac and found a cool application in Mac (or Windows). That is Bumptop 3D Desktop, it makes your desktop become a "Room" which you have three walls in front of you. So that can post photos/notes on your "wall" .
Besides, there is a special feature call "pile". You can "make a pile" by selecting several files or folders which make the files place as a "pile"
It is free for Mac but a Pro version which support for multi-touch trackpads and quick file search is available for $29. For more details, please go to here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boogie Board tablet ---- Things I want to buy

It is called Boogie Board!
It is LCD writing tablet by sensing pressure. I think it is a cool stuff that a hardware can replacing the memo pad. It will save trees if people really use it seriously.
It is light (only 4.2 ounces), thin and no need to charge (but don't know the products life time). According to the feature introduction, you can create different textures and patterns on the LCD by using any suitable instruments --- even fingers.
I really want to buy it but it is out of stock in Amazon, unluckily so I can tell you the price right now.
You can reach the official web site of Boogie Board here and buy it from here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My New E-reader ----- Sony PRS600BC

I used the reader for a few days. It is quite good although the response/page turning is not smooth as I expect. But the overall comment is not bad.

However, there are some points that I need to point out.

  1. I am using the Mac as you know ;p, and the library program is suck! It kept quitting when I tried to connect the reader with the program. The situation improved after fell back to 32 kernel. However, the program quitted recently again !!! I don't know how to fix it. It really upset me !!
  2. It is quite difficult for me to go a particular page. You may not have this problem when you reading a novel or fiction but if you use it to read the book of tools or something like referencing books. You will have headache.
  3. The resizing of the text in the pdf ebook is not so good as you will find the paragraph and the graph will be in a irrational position if you try to zoom in.