Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mac Tips on Shortcut

open new winfow
 double click. -- open a new window
-- go to the rightest part of line -- like button
-- go to the head of line -- like button

Friday, May 27, 2011

Word 2010: How to Make One Page Out of Many Landscape

Create an separate landscape page:
  1. Move your cursor to the point where the landscape page will be the next page. If you are using the practice document from the above steps, go to the end of the last full paragraph on the bottom of the first page.
  2. In the Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, click the Insert Page and Section Breaks button, then click Next Page in the Section Breaks list.
  3. Enter once.
  4. Insert another Next Page Section Break, following the steps in Step 2. The landscape page will be between the section breaks.
  5. Make sure your cursor is in between the section breaks by turning on the paragraph marks. (Home tab, Paragraph group, ¶)
  6. In the Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, click Orientation and choose Landscape.
  7. Insert your table or whatever your landscape content is into the page. If it is longer than a page, a new landscape page will be inserted immediately after the one you just made.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Future Concept: Macbook 2020 & MacBook Touch

Image source: Tommaso Gecchelin’s Design, if you want to see more, about the design, please go to the above link.

iPhone Tips: Change color of Calendar

You cannot change the color of you calendar in iPhone directly.
But you can change that from iCal in your Mac. You just need to go to your calendar and select "edit" and then you can change the color of your calendar.
Then you sync your iPhone/iPad .

You will find the color of calendar is changed as the color of your calendar in your iCal.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Dozen Styluses Reviewed by Macworld

It is really useful article to have look if you are looking for a stylus !

Here is the full report from Macworld.