Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VMware Fusion 3 release !

VMware released Fusion on Wednesday. It offers more than 50 new features. It is available for US$79.99.
Here are some features:
1) Optimized for Snow Leopard.
2) Ease to migrate your PC to Mac.
3) Best-in-Class 3D Graphics.
4) Run Windows Apps in The Mac Way
5) Maximum Performance with Finely Tuned.

Parallels will launch their latest software soon. So no need to hurry to buy now.
From VMware.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Apple Products !

Apple announced new iMac, Magic Mouse, MacBook .........
It is really really cool ! How can you resist to buy a iMac like this ?
27" 16:9 wide screen
3.0xGHz Dual CPU
with Bluetooth keyboard and new Magic Mouse
And it only costed you HK$11,xxx .
It is very attractive to me. I would buy it at once, if I didn't buy my iMac six months ago.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Chrome for OSX !!

Google browser ---- Chrome comes with pre-beta version. It is a very good browser in Windows environment. In the past, I used Firefox very often. But now, I usually use chrome. This because I can try the question that I want to search in Google. And it is really fast, and even faster than Foxfire. But it is not God. There are still some problems in browsing some web sites but there is not in Foxfire. Furthermore, Chrome is not as light as before sometimes it consumed a lot of memory in Windows.

Besides, I think Safari with Snow Leopard is perfect match! I don't know how good Chrome will be when it is running on Snow Leopard. Unless, there is a lot of support that it is much better than Safari in Snow Leopard, I will not change to Chrome for some time.

If you want to download, please click here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

iPhone Apps -- 3HK Bill Lite

This is an application that helps you to check the billing information from 3 HK. However, it is not a office apps from 3 HK. But it is pretty good ! It is free ! And it can show you the data you used, how many sms, air time , etc.... . Almost all the information the you need to check from the web of 3 HK can get from this apps . I downloaded and recommend you if you are using 3 HK as your service provider. Here is the creator.

Click here to download!

iPhone Apps -- Photo ID DIY **Free TODAY***

It is a software to create standard ID photo, passport photo visa photo and other identification photo.
The most important thing is that it is free today (18 Oct, 2009 HKT) ! Go to download it now !
Here is the creator's blog.

Friday, October 9, 2009

iPhone OS 3.1.2 live now

Apple's just release iPhone OS 3.1.2 which suppose to fix. For details, please refer to Apple website.

For me, it is only the bug fix or security fix. And there is no new features or improvement, especially for the iPhone 3g .


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kindles for Internationally Wireless

Finally, Amazon announced that Kindle for international sale ! I wait for long time and now it only costs US$279. The item will be released on 19th Oct. I really really want to place order!

But Amazon launch the Kindle internationally at the moment, it may imply that he wants to enlarge his market shares a little bit faster than his rivals. As there are some e-read coming out from the market, that means I may have more choices in the near future. Furthermore, rumors about the Apple Tablet would go this direction.....

It is a hard time for me to think about whether I should buy Kindle or not.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Update: Wacom Touch & Pen !

It reaches Hong Kong finally and the suggested price is HK$900.

Do you think it is expensive ?

Besides, there are rumors that Apple will launch new wireless keyboard and mouse. It seems that the mouse get the multi-touch function.

It is worth to wait.

I will wait for the new mouse and keyboard from Apple before I decide buy this Bamboo or not.

How about you ?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Symantec Researchers Issues First Mac Botnet Malware Warning!!

The news comes from 9to5mac .
Firstly, I would like to find out what is "Botnet Malware" Botnet is a term for a collection of software robots which run autonomously and automatically in the "Zombie Computers". For details, please refer to WiKi.

There two malware bundles are called OSX.lservice and OSX.lservice.B and appear to be spread within pirated copies of iWork09 and Photoshop CS4, distributed on P2P torrent network.

Every Mac users, please beware of downloading software from torrent network .....

For details, please refer to the following link

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another E-Reader on Market!

An new e-reader is available on market! This comes from Astak .

Personally, the design is not eye-catching. And I like the e-reader with a pen so that I can make some re-makers on the book.
However, the cost is US$250 which is around the market price for 5-inch 8-level grayscale E-ink screen.

It features a 400Hz CPU, 512MB of memory and an SD card slot. Furthermore, there is a replacement battery good for 8,000 page turns per charge and a MP3 player which can run in background.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

iPhoto Auto Launch When Connecting iPhone

If you want to stop the auto launch when you plug your iPhone into you Mac.
Here are two ways to do
1) Change the setting in iPhoto
Go to iPhoto's preferences and click on the "General tab", and then choose "No Application" in the pull down manual of "Connecting camera opens".
But after that, whenever you connect any digital camera to you Mac, you need to launch iPhoto manually.

2) Keep you iPhone Camera Roll album empty
After the import of your photos from iPhone to iPhoto is completed, tell iPhoto to delete the photos from your camera. This will remove all the photos and movies from your iPhone's Camera Roll. Then iPhoto will not automatically launch unless you have new media needs to be imported.
But if you need to keep a copy of those photos on your iPhone, then you need to place them into an album in iPhoto and then iTunes to sync those album with your iPhone.

Your call !

Information comes from