Monday, December 28, 2009

PPTV Solution on Mac

If you want to watch online TV or P2P TV , may football matches.......
There are only two ways to do it on Mac (as I know).

1) Download TVUPlayer
I tried this and it is quite good. Although there are lots of area need to be improved, it is the only way that I can find for Mac.
Go here to download.

2) Go to to watch the P2P TV via the web browser. From my experience, it is now not support the 64bit Safari, you need to use Firefox (I am sure this must work :p) or other browsers .

If you know any other ways, please let me know !


  1. I run parallel on my macbook pro and use windows to watch ppstream

  2. I have tried this solution but the performance is not that good .....
    how's yours ?