Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cool Speaker !

LaCie's Sound2 PC speakers look good! Although I don't know where it sounds good or not. But if you have such a sexy designed speak with your mac. It must be a cool thing !

It can boast 30 total watts of peak power and it only require you one free USB port or Line in for input. It can connect to your Mac, PC, iPod or iPhone. And it will get its power supply via the USB port to you Mac or independent power supply.

How much it cost ?? It only costs you US100 !

iWork '09 Update 3

Today, Apple releases a update 3 of iWork '09. I don't know what it updated and anything improved. Let me update first and try try .... ;-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bamboo Touch and Pen !!

Finally, Wacom formally announced this Tablet -- "Bamboo Touch & Pen "!

It is a really good device with Mac OSX. If you have a Mac Book , Mac Book Pro or any notebook from Mac. You will know that how good of the note pad and the multi-touch gesture ! And we can use it in the iMac !!

I will certainly buy this tablet. If it support the Chinese writing input with Snow Leopard. Then it will be perfect! Hopefully, it will support !

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another new E-reader .....from Korea

Another new E-reader comes to the market ! Hopefully, there will be more and cheaper and then I can buy one !

Thursday, September 24, 2009


There is one more new e-Reader on market. The news comes from engaget.
In fact, I love e-Reader, I think it is a cool device to bring a lots of book out
side to read. Before that I am consider the Kindle from Amazon and Sony also has one called "Reader Touch Edition".
Do know which one I should buy ? ;p

Here is the Kindle Dx from Amazon.

The is the one from Sony PRS-600

New iPhone Home Screen ??

One news from maclife , someone brings this new Home Screen to the iPhone. Do you like it ?? I like it !

But certainly Apple doesn't allow this kind of modification to iPhone.

My Favorite Device ---- E-Journal ! Microsoft Courier

The following information comes from Gizmodo.
It is 7-inch dual screens device. The function is really cool !
But it comes from Microsoft secret project. Do you really think that Microsoft can develop such cool devices ?
But I really love this !
When will it on market ?