Friday, October 17, 2014

Where is "Network Utility" in Yosemite ?

  1. Open Finder
  2. Under go menu
  3. click "go to Folder"
  4. Enter  /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications

Then, you will find it.

Mac OS X Useful Keyboard Shortcut. Tips and Tracks !

COMMAND + C                 Copy
COMMAND + V                 Paste
COMMAND + X                 Cut
COMMAND + A                 Select All
COMMAND + Z                  Undo
COMMAND + S                  Save
COMMAND + F                  Find
COMMAND + Q                 Quit Program
COMMAND + W                Close Window (program is not quit)
COMMAND + TAB            Program Switch
CTRL + SPACE                   Open SPOTLIGHT

Mac OS X Screen Capture Useful Shortcut. Tips and Tracks !

Mac OS X Screen Capture Useful Shortcut:

  1. COMMAND+SHIFT+3:Capture Full Screen
  2. COMMAND+SHIFT+4:Screen capture with custom size and location
  3. COMMAND+SHIFT+CONTROL+3:Capture Full Screen and keep in clipboard
  4. COMMAND+SHIFT+CONTROL+4:Screen capture with custom size and location, keep in clipboard
  5. COMMAND+SHIFT+4 and then SPACE:Capture selected window

Item 4, 5 are useful and I don't know before :P

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Parallels : Change 64GB Default Harddisk when Installing OS X as VM

In Parallels Desktop, do the following :

  1. Create a new virtual machine using "Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file", click Continue
  2. Select Mac OS X, click "Customize settings before installation",
  3. Set the name and location of the VM, click Continue 
  4. Click Hardware, Hard Disk 1, click the [-] button to remove the hard disk 
  5. Click "Move to Trash" 
  6. Click [+], select Hard Disk, Type: Existing image file, choose file path of the new .hdd file. Or create a new image file
  7. Select a new image file and resize the file system that you want!

Easy, right ?

Friday, October 10, 2014

iPhone: No Camera was found when connecting to OS X

Problem: When connecting iPhone/iPad to OS X, it prompt a window "No camera was found".


  1. Open "Image Capture" from "utility"
  2. Connect iOS device to OS X.
  3. Click the "triangle" in left hand.
  4. It will expand a pull down manual for choosing default app to open when the iOS device connected.