Saturday, May 22, 2010

Convert CHM to epub !

  1. Use Tubby to convert CHM to HTML.
  2. Use eCub to make the HTML files into one HTML file and convert it into epub format.
  3. Then use Calibre to convert to epub for iPad again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sync Address Book, Calendars, Task, Bookmarks between Macs!

I have a Mac Book Air and iMac. I usually sync my iPhone to may MBA and now I have a iPad and I want to sync it to my iPad as my MBA is a little slow in loading iTunes.

Having a problem of the address book, Calendars and Task are different from two machines, I searched around and finally found a program called fruux . It is free ! And it seems solve my problem. I want to have my Address Book, Calendars, Task and Notes are in sync, then my iPhone and iPad with have a synced version of this kind of thing.

I will try it tonight to update here the feed back .

I think you have the same issue, right ? Then, try it !