Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mac Excel 2011 (in Microsoft Office) -- Carriage Return in Cell

How to get enter a "Carriage Return in Cell" in Excel 2011 in Microsoft Office?

Windows: Alt + Enter
Mac: Control + Option + Enter

Friday, April 29, 2011

View HTML Source In Safari With Color Syntax Highlighting

The View Source command (Option-Command-U) in Safari displays HTML source code in plain text. You might get color envy when you view the nicely formatted, colored syntax highlighted HTML source using Firefox or Chrome. Here are three ways you can get colored syntax highlighting in Safari.

Using Web Inspector Under Developer Menu
HTML source code colored syntax highlighting is available in Safari Web Inspector under the Developer menu. This option is not enabled by default. Open Safari Preferences and select the advanced tab. Checked the tick box “Show Developer menu in menu bar” to enable the Developer menu.

You should see the addition of a “Developer” menu next to the “Window” menu. Open up Web Inspector from menu Developer->Show Web Inspector or using Option-Command-I. A new window will pop up occupied the bottom half of your Safari window, displaying the HTML source with colored syntax highlighting.