Saturday, March 27, 2010

First blog from BlogPress

The is the first blog posted from BlogPress. Here are the screen shot of this iPhone application.

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Posting Blog to Blogspot via iPhone Apps -- blogpress

As my reader, you must know that I am a blogspot blogger and iPhone user. But I don't see any iPhone application for people to write blog in Blogspot. Not even from google.......
Luckily, I finally find one --- called BlogPress.

You write your blog in your iPhone anywhere and post it to blogspot .....besides, it can post to many blog services e.g MSN Live Spaces, WordPress ..... and it only cost $2.99!

Here is the official web site.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MacUpdate Bundle Sales !!

Now you only need to pay US$49.99 and get 10 mac softwares ! The most important things that one of them is Parallels Desktop 5 ! And can also get MacDVDRipper Pro!

It is really a big sales ! You just need to play cost of Parallels and you can get more......

For details, please click here.

There are only 7 DAYS left from 24 March !

Don't miss it !