Friday, November 20, 2009

Chrome OS !!

First what the introduction of Chrome OS.

If you want to try the Chrome OS, you go here to download. (Chrome OS VMware image or VirtualBox image)!

Here is some tricks.
1)Change the network setting to NAT.
2)Login: chronos , Password:

Then you will see the a "chrome browser". In fact, there is nothing to play and I have some comments after testing.
1. The running speed of the OS is not that fast. I don't know whether it is related to the VM image or not.
2. The image will hang after some while.

Hopefully, it will be better after the real product on Netbook.

Friday, November 13, 2009

iPhone Apps -- TuzkiSnap

If you are fans of Tukzi, you must not miss this iPhones apps. It is sample apps that you can create your Tuzki themed pictures with cool stamps!

For details or become a fans of Tuzki, please go to here .

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apple Releases Safari 4.0.4

Apple releases Safari 4.0.4 today. It brings some improvement on Javascript and history search performance .....

- Improved JavaScript performance
- Improved Full History Search performance for users with a large number of history items
- Stability improvements for 3rd-party plug-ins, the search field and Yahoo! Mail

It is available via Software Update now. Go and update it :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Road to Jailbreak ~~~~~~~!

First of all, I need say

Thank you very much !!!!!

to my friend Raze ! As he provided me a lot of information and support about this operation.

It is amazing that nowadays you only need to double click a software and it will help you to do everything to jailbreak your iPhone. That is ! It is crazy that it only takes me for 5 minutes to finish it .......

And you can't believe that there million programs in Chinese web site with a software like iTunes for you to install the iPhone programs ...... How crazy it is...... ......

It is good to have background process, new themes, categories .......

I can only say it is a good trip to jail break .....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.6.2

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6.2 as the second maintenance update for Snow Leopard. This update brings bug fixes and some serious issue.......

- an issue that might cause your system to logout unexpectedly
- a graphics distortion in Safari Top Sites
- Spotlight search results not showing Exchange contacts
- a problem that prevented authenticating as an administrative user
- issues when using NTFS and WebDAV file servers
- the reliability of menu extras
- an issue with the 4-finger swipe gesture
- an issue that causes Mail to quit unexpectedly when setting up an Exchange server
- Address Book becoming unresponsive when editing
- a problem adding images to contacts in Address Book
- an issue that prevented opening files downloaded from the Internet
- Safari plug-in reliability
- general reliability improvements for iWork, iLife, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, MobileMe, and iDisk
- an issue that caused data to be deleted when using a guest account

Update your Snow Leopard now :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Parallels 5 launch !!

Finally, the war of virtualization on Mac starts again !!!!
After VM Fusion 3, Parallels 5 launch. Traditionally, Mac user would like to use Parallels as their first choice. Because the interface of Parallels is better and it a little bit more efficient than VM Fusion. Now everyone needs to compare again or we can wait for the 3rd party comparison between these two.

For version of Parallels, there are the new features:
- Fully support Snow Leopard
- Support 64 bit Windows 7 and Aero & Flip 3D in Windows 7
- Better 3D accelerate support
- Better support in Linux
For more features, please go to Parallels .

For the pricing, Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac will be US$79.99 and US$49.99 for upgrade client. And you only need to pay US$49.99 if you have a serial number of VMware Fusion 2. (This trick is cool! :p)