Monday, October 19, 2009

Chrome for OSX !!

Google browser ---- Chrome comes with pre-beta version. It is a very good browser in Windows environment. In the past, I used Firefox very often. But now, I usually use chrome. This because I can try the question that I want to search in Google. And it is really fast, and even faster than Foxfire. But it is not God. There are still some problems in browsing some web sites but there is not in Foxfire. Furthermore, Chrome is not as light as before sometimes it consumed a lot of memory in Windows.

Besides, I think Safari with Snow Leopard is perfect match! I don't know how good Chrome will be when it is running on Snow Leopard. Unless, there is a lot of support that it is much better than Safari in Snow Leopard, I will not change to Chrome for some time.

If you want to download, please click here.

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