Monday, May 27, 2013

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Mac vs Windows -- Part 1 (Function Keys)

Action Windows      Mac
Undo ctrl + z F1 / Command + z
Cut text from the active cell ctrl + x F2 / Command + c
Edit a cell comment SHIFT + F2 Shift + F2
Copy text from the active cell ctrl + c F3
Open the Formula Builder SHIFT + F3 Shift + F3
Paste text into the active cell ctrl + v F4
Repeat the last Find (Find Next) Shift + F4
Close the window ctrl + F4 Command + q / Command + F4
Display the "Go To" dialog box F5 F5
Display the "Finddialog box ctrl + f Command + f / Shift + F5
Restore the window size. ctrl + F5 Command + F5
Move to the next pane in a workbook that has been split F6 F6
Move to the previous pane in a workbook that has been split SHIFT + F6 Shift + F6
Move to the next workbook window ctrl + F6 command + F6
Move to the previous workbook window ctrl + Shift + F6 comand + Shift + F6
Check spelling F7 F7
Turn on extend selection mode F8 F8
Add to the selection Shift+ F8 Shift+ F8
Display the "Macro" dialog box Alt + F8 Option + F8
Calculate all sheets in all open workbooks F9 F9
Calculate the active sheet. Shift + F9 SHIFT + F9
Display a contextual(right-click) menu. Shift + F10 SHIFT + F10
Maximize or restore the workbook window Ctrl + F10 Command + F10
Make the first button on a floating toolbar active OPTION + F10
Insert a new chart sheet. F11 F11
Insert a new sheet. Shift + F11 Shift + F11
Insert an Excel 4.0 macro sheet Command + F11
Display the "Save As" dialog box F12 F12
Display the "Open" dialog box Command + F12
Display the "Print" dialog box CONTROL + SHIFT + F12

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