Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Filling the Cells for Mac Excel (Useful Shortcuts, Filling down)

Fill Down -- copies the content of a cell to all highlighted below
Shortcut: Control + d

Then, press "control" + "d".

Fill Right - copies the content of a cell to all highlighted to the right.
The procedure is similar to fill down.
Shortcut: Control + r

Fill up a selected range of cells 
Copy content of a cell after you enter to a selected range of cells.
Shortcut: Control + Return
1. Highlight a range of cells

2. Enter the content

3. press "control" + "return"


  1. This blog is going to be soooo useful! I've just moved from working in an office on a Windows laptop to working in a studio on a Mac. I am completely out of my depth and, as no one here knows anything about Office Suite, there's NO ONE I can ask for help. So thank you. You may have just saved my sanity :)

    1. It is great that my experience can help you!