Friday, September 24, 2010

A Perfect Pen for iPad!

Do you want to bring your iPad as a writing pad in a meeting ?
Do you think writing on your iPad with your finger is not that good ?
Are you search for a Pen to use on your iPad ??

Here is a good product that I suggest !!!
iStroke L (there is another one called iStroke M which is shorter) from Ozaki.

I have tried some stylus for my iPad and this works the best. I use the iStoke L with the iPad apps Penultimate and Sketchbook Pro.
I found you can write smoothly with my iStroke without any intermitting.  Some styles I used before got a problem that sometimes the iPad cannot recognize your writing or sometimes the writing was intermitting.

And now I am happy with my iStroke and it is really worth to recommend you !!
It cost only about $30 US (I bought in HK and it only costed me HK$199!!)

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