Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Anti-Virus Solution on Mac

One of the reasons to use Mac is that there is fewer virus in Mac comparing with Windows. However, there are still some virus target the Mac users and it seems grow more and more.

Are you willing to pay a lot of money to buy an Anti-virus software to protect your Mac which is still "not much" virus again this OS ?

I got a solution to you. It is iAntiVirus .
First of all, it gets a free version.
Second of all, it support real time protection.
Thirdly, you get a updated virus definition once week.

It is a good solution at this moment for the Mac user because you don't need pay and get a protect from virus. Although it still doesn't support the 64bit kernel for real time protection.

If you have any good free anti-virus for Mac, please leave me a message.

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